Sunday, September 17, 2017

Musical Monday - West Oxford United Homecoming

We had the best time today at West Oxford United at their 213 year celebration.  The church is nestled on a country road, surrounded by lovely gardens and a very old historic cemetery. The church has had a continuously worshipping congregation since 1804.

We were asked to sing and I spoke in between the songs to share how the songs we chose fit with the celebration of Homecoming.  Of course, I can never be photographed with just an ordinary face. My wonderful hubby/photographer says I just don't keep it still long enough.  Hmm.

The Embro Thistle Singers did a marvellous job on a very hot day sharing some of our favourite songs.  A few of our singers are very new and really aquitted themselves beautifully.  Well done all!

We were also privileged to have Catherine McCaffery play before, and after the service.  Catherine has been playing at the church for many years.  What a treat!
Thank you to the wonderful people of West Oxford United for a beautiful day and your very kind hospitality.  

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Musical Monday - Remembering Ron McNutt

Ron was a great musical mentor for me and for many who were privileged to be taught by or sing in the Woodstock Choralaires while he was the director.
Ron died in June but will live on through the amazing music he wrote and/or arranged.  He left his choral music to our Embro Thistle Singers and boy are we blessed.  You see Ron helped us when we first began back in 2010 coming to many practices and one of our first concerts where we sang his arrangement of "Memory".  Thank you Vickie for making sure I got all that amazing music.
One of his friends has made a large donation to our choir in Ron's name and we cannot thank you enough, Marianne.  What a generous thing to do.  We promise to put that money to good use as we fulfill our mandate of Song, Service & Fun with Ron always in the background cheering us on.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Musical Monday - Americans singing Tamil song @Singapore Changi Airport

This choir started to practise in the airport.  The people listening really appreciated their efforts because it is one of their own songs.  There is always a bit of a risk doing music from other cultures as you really want to do justice to the music.  This choir has done their homework and are presenting a true example of the Tamil music.  Would you choose music that isn't always "safe"?  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Muscial Monday - Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald - "The Braes of Argyll"

Our friends of Embro have a grand Scottish background.  They have the Highland Games every July 1 regardless of the weather. 
There are wonderful pipe bands that compete side by side with all the traditional Scottish games.  We happened upon a Celtic treat outside of Embro today.

We went to Stratford to walk along the water and low and behold this amazing group was playing on a moored barge. What a treat.  The music was varied and very Celtic with Ben sharing much of the history which was so interesting.  One never knows how a day will expand one's knowledge of the music of our country.  We fell into a ceilidh and enjoyed every minute.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Musical Monday - "When You Believe" by One Voice Children's Choir

This is beautifully filmed and the harmony is so delicious.  We have this music and maybe we should think about tackling this one.  What do you think?