Sunday, May 28, 2017

Musical Monday - The Power of Music - Marines Singing "Days of Elijah"

Music has a power that is hard to describe.  These young men have chosen a tough job.  They probably face situations we can't even imagine.  Watch this powerful display of brotherhood and strength that this shared music brings them.  
No matter what life hands us, music can bring solace & strength, joy & love.  It can enhance those emotions we have a hard time expressing.  We can let the music speak through us & for us as it does here.  
Watch the faces and the body language.  Some start tentatively & gradually straighten & strengthen.  Some are powerful to begin & get softer as emotion flows.  Whatever is needed, the music delivers.  Let it move in your life.  

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Musical Monday - Sing It All Away - Walk off the Earth (Lyric Video)

Walk Off the Earth is an amazingly talented group of 5 Canadian musicians.  You have seen them here before last year and again with this superb version of Hello.  When you watch them perform you can see their terrific ability with both voice and instruments even creating some themselves.  
If I were still teaching, I would certainly use Walk Off the Earth to introduce making your own instruments & becoming creative with song arrangements.  
In this video, it is Walk Off the Earth but it is the words you get to focus on.  These are so apropos.  This makes a great karaoke video.  Have fun while sitting around the campfires with your tablet.   

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Musical Monday - This Ole House / When the Saints Go Marching

This medley has marvellous energy.  It just makes you move and smile.  This Ole House isn't usually a soul rousing song but in this treatment it sure is.  The way The Saints is woven into this make is just YUMMY.  What would you say makes this medley so successful?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Musical Monday - Arion Choir Sings Something To Sing About

This is a different interpretation of Something To Sing About by Oscar Brand.  There are some great voices here and moments of lovely harmony.  Listen carefully.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Musical Monday - Oscar Brand(1997)

Oscar Brand was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1920.  He moved to the United States and became a huge part of the folk music era of the 1960's.  There are some really fun YouTube videos of Oscar Brand at a coffee house and one with a very young Bob Dylan.  He wrote Something to Sing About which includes all of Canada in the lyrics.  We are going to sing it at the Canada 150 Bash July 1.  However, remember he moved to the U. S. so here he is singing the American version he wrote.  I think you will agree that we like the Canadian version best.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Musical Monday - YRCC sings "Go Now in Peace"

Here is the wonderful Go Now in Peace arranged by Don Besig and Nancy Price.  I love the phrasing & wonderful smooth flow this choir achieves.  Listen well ETS.  Your sound is very similar!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Musical Monday - Silent Monks Sing the Hallelujah Chorus

The Hallelujah Chorus is often an Easter musical offering.  Watch this one and you will see words you might not have known were there.  The timing is great and the short guy is a lot of fun!!!
Happy Easter.