Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tonal Tuesdays - Tips for Singers & Directors

Welcome to Tuesday.  Each Tuesday I will share a tip or two about songs, singing and directing.  Sometimes they will by Kitty's and other times we will welcome guest posts.
If any of you have ideas to share from your experience as a singer, director or audience member, please pass them on.  We will share them here.

Today's Tonal Tuesday Tip
SMILE - One of our guiding principals for the ETS is to HAVE FUN.  The way to pass that on to all around you is to smile.  Yes you can smile and still have a round, well placed sound.  Smiles are like measles and are easily caught.  When you have fun so does your audience.
Watch these young people and decide whether they are having fun.  Is it catching?

You will have to agree that their sound is superb but I think they are having a ball.  What do you think?

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