Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tonal Tuesday - Who Is That Singing in the Choir? Only Boys Aloud

This is a marvellous presentation of a young men's choir Only Boys Aloud, from Wales.  They talk at the beginning about why they sing.  You get an idea of the different boys that comprise this wonderful choir. Here is a good example of the many personalities you may find in any choir of any age.  Watch this and then see if the points below make any sense to you!!

1. The Music Lover - You may have singers that love the music and are there because they are drawn to it.  They might not necessarily be the best singers but they love it.  Make certain they get lots of opportunity to do just that, sing and experience lots of success.  

2. The Uncertain Singer - They come to choir but seem to be very self critical.  They have a good voice but aren't certain they "fit in".  Watch for these and be certain to point out how well they are doing.  Sometimes you do it by pointing out the good work of their part but when you can seek out that singer and mention how much you appreciate their singing.  It is always a good idea to keep giving the posture, placement and production hints so that they have definite skills to learn and be successful with.

3. The Overly Confident Singer - This person may be great at reading music and reproducing great sound or just thinks he is.  I think we have all sung with someone like that.  No matter which one of these you have they must learn to LISTEN.  I tell my singers that singing is 90% listening.  singing is like putting on makeup, blend, blend and then blend some more!  That is the only way to get the very best sound.   

4. The Hold Back Singer - You know they can sing.  Every once in a while they let out a marvellous sound.  They just can't seem to do it on a regular basis.  This to me these are the very hardest to help use their abilities consistently.  It takes patience and constant encouragement.  Sometimes, I even ask people who sing with them by telling them when they sing really well.  Perhaps, it is sometimes a lack of confidence but others it may be that they simply don't realize their abilities.  

Did you find examples of these in the Only Boys Aloud?  Any others you would add?  Click on comments and do share your ideas.

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